CT has been engaged in this business for the pass 10 years. Our company is well-established and reliable. Please feel assured that we will abide by our promise.

    • Shipping method is as follows:
      If you order and pay during Monday to Friday 1:00 pm, we will deliver on the day you pay from Taiwan (no outgoing shipment during weekend). Shipping takes around 3~4 days, and it is impossible to appoint the delivery date.
    • No shipping fee.
    • If no one receives the goods, we will delivery on the next day.
    • You can check the status of your shipping at the following website:
    • We can delivery the T-Mobile card and AT&T prepaid card to the U.S. by International Express Mail Service (EMS) of Chunghwa Post Co..Ltd.. It takes around 5~7 workdays (the specific delivery days please take the delivery of Chunghwa Post Co..Ltd. as the standard). It costs $X. Please contact the customer service for more details
    • Please connect us after receiving goods. We will arrange for activation.
    • There is no return after delivery. If the card is defective , you can change it at the direct distributor stores of U.S. telecommunications.

    7 days after receiving goods is trial period. If you want to return, the goods should be in new condition with original packaging materials. There is no replacement if you return over 7 days or use it.

    • About Prepaid card:
      1.CT will activate the card and send the phone number 1 day prior your arrival date. Activation means the card is ready to use and it is not in new condition, so it is impossible to return.
      2.If you want to return the card, please return within 7 days after receiving goods. Please contact us via e-mail.
    • About International card:
      The card will be e-mailed 24 hours after the purchase. Within 7 days after e-mailed, you can return the goods in new condition.
    • If you try to dial means the card is being used (The system will automatically count the valid time). It is impossible to return whether it charges minutes or not.
    • Refilling is procurement service. It is impossible to return or exchange. If you buy the international cards and gift cards, CT will top up all of the amount you purchased into the account of your appointed number. Once the money is topped up into the account, it is impossible to refund.
    • It is impossible to return or exchange the international cards after topping up the money into your number’s account.

    Note: The activation and topping up money will be processed a few days before the arrival date according to your order is customized services. The rule of trial period is not applicable to it.

    Paypal denominates in U.S. dollars. Because the administration fee is a little higher and differences in rate exchange, we fixed the exchange rate at 1US$=MYR, 1US$=SGD

    If you buy up to $300, the PayPal represents USD$    (300/)
    In addition, for the transaction security, we only accept Verified account of PayPal.

    Due to the  complication of goods, we do not offer phone customer service in case of unspecific information while calling.
    You can contact us by online message or customers service’s e-mail: [email protected].
    We will reply as soon as possible (On weekends our reply is not as fast as usual, please wait a moment).

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