T-mobile, AT&T SIM is a set of U.S. number, is available for U.S. local calls and Web.
    Calls to Malaysia/Singapore costs $/min. It is cheaper with 擎天中華通.
    擎天中華通is a set of international prepaid card (password). It will be sent by e-mail after your purchase. If you want to call to Malaysia/Singapore, it can be used with U.S. local landline, mobile, and public telephone.
    The cost of 擎天中華通 is U.S. local fee+擎天中華通fee (If you buy monthly unlimited calls plan, there is only 擎天中華通fee.)
    Please note: There is no different rates between long-distance calls, intrastate calls, intra-network, extra-network, toll free (allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call), etc. Please make calls with U.S. local access number to Malaysia/Singapore.

    Use 擎天中華通 to make calls to Malaysia/Singapore with T-Mobile, AT&T prepaid card:
    1.Please dial 擎天U.S. local access number 1-213-992-0003.
    2.Please choose language.
    3.Please dial 擎天中華通 password and press ”#”.
    4.If you want to call to U.S. or Canada, please dial: 1+local number+phone number+”#” (ex:call to US: 1 626 123456 #)
    5.If you want to call to Malaysia/Singapore, please dial: 011+country code+area code+phone number+”#” (ex:call to Malaysia: 011  #)

    • The minutes of T-mobile /AT&T prepaid card include long-destination fee.
    • You will be charged no matter you dial the local access numbers or the Toll free number.
    • It is better to choose the local access number of 擎天中華通 because it is not only cheaper but also help you select any local number to use.

    Your friends can dial 009 1 XXX XXX XXX (XXX XXX XXX is your U.S. number), it costs $/min, or you can buy a Pincity card, it costs $/min 24-hour.

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