Please dial 611.

    • The availability period of T-Mobile number (namely SIM) is 120 days after the last refill or the activation of monthly plan. Over the expiry date, the balance will be cleared and phone number will be invalid.
    • If you refill within availability period, the availability period will be recalculated at the day you refill.
    • The phone number of T-Mobile is changeable, the number will  be switched to another user after your number is expired. The existence of phone number does not mean you still can use it. In order to avoid refilling on other user’s number, please distinguish if the prepaid card’s ownership is still yours at the refill time.
    • If you can make local calls, but cannot surf the Web. It means there are some setting problems on your phone.
    • Because the market is flooded with various kind of phones, CT offers you the setting manual which is suitable for most phone.
    • If you still can not surf the Web after resetting, please contact T-Mobile customer service for further help or contact the phone manufacturer.
    • The setting procedure:
      1. Setting-> Mobile internet-> Mobile data network-> Change APN to ””.  After resetting APN, 95% of phone can surf the Web normally. If you still can’t use the Internet, please continue trying step 2
      2. Resetting the Internet then restart your phone
    • If you are unable to share Wi-Fi hotspot to tablet and other devices:
      (1)Please confirm your plan includes hotspot sharing. Hotspot sharing is included after SIM card successfully activated, if you are unable to use hotspot, it maybe the phone settings that cause problem. Please check out the following steps to reset hotspot function. If you still can not use hotspot after trying these steps, please contact the phone’s manufacturer.
      (2) Please reset APN:
      setting->mobile internet->mobile data network->change APN to ””
      (3) Please restart your phone after resetting internet
      (4) Delete the apps controlling your mobile data usage (This kind of app may cause phone be unable to share hotspot)
      setting->general->profiles. Please check and delete this kind of app.
      (5)setting->mobile internet->personal hotspot (start)
      *because of software problems, Nokia Lumia series may be unable to share hotspot.
      *With Android phone, please turn on data roaming in order to share hotspot
    • One phone is able to share Wi-Fi to 4 devices at the same time.
    • Before refilling, please confirm your number is still valid and you are the original number holder. There is no refund if we find that the number is invalid or the number is transferred to other people after the refill.
    • Please confirm your switched plan before refill. If the refill amount  is deducted automatically by the monthly plan, it is impossible to switch plan within the month.
    • Placing an order and filling the appointed number mean you agree and authorize CT to purchase refill. This will be nonrefundable.

    Dial #999#, the system will automatically send a message notifying account balance. Or you can call 611.

    • Go to supermarkets such as Wal-Mart/Target to buy a refill card. Or you can buy a refill card in any mobile stores which sell T-mobile card (may have tax included). Note: T-Mobile is limited to U.S. credit cards
    • CT offers top up service. You can purchase refill card on CT website and we will refill the phone number you provide (paying through ATM only, more than $, paid by Taiwan dollar)
    • Before topping up, please check if your number is still valid, and you are the original number holder. Besides, please check your plan before buying refill card. Note: After the system deducts money in your account balance, you can’t switch to other plans that month.
    • Monthly plan without using in 60 days will automatically switch to plan 7 Pay As You Go
    • CT is a SIM card distributor, not a telecommunications company. We will handle your first month purchase, other requirements such as switching plan, checking account… please contact the origin telecommunications company (our top up service operates independently and will not relate to your personal mobile account).
    • If you have any problem managing mobile account, please contact the telecommunications company T-Mobile retail stores or their customer service (dial 611).
    • If you choose plans with limited high speed Internet, the Internet speed will slow down to 128kbps or 64kbps  after high speed data runs out.
    • 1. 128kbps: Basically with this speed, you can browse pages, receive and send e-Mail, Line message, but it is unable to make internet calls, video calls or browse video.
    • 2. 64kbps: Plan 9 will slow down to 64kbps after running out of high-speed data. With this speed you just can send/receive message. If you want to browse pages, it will take you more than 1 minute to load.
    • The actual conditions of speed depends on the local signal condition, the information mentioned above is for reference, it cannot represent the actual conditions.
    • Monthly plan deducts all credits on the activation day. It should be used for 30 days and cannot be stopped.
    • After 30 days, the plan will stop working if there’s not enough renewal money in account balance to activate monthly plan.
    • After 30 days, if there is enough balance for activation, the system will automatically deduct the same amount of your purchased plan and renew the plan.
    • If there is always enough balance for renewal, the system will deduct directly from your account balance every 30 days, you can use the same monthly plan continually.
    • Note: If you want to use continually for several months, you can buy several refill cards in advance and the system will automatically deduct from the account balance every 30 days. CT will top up all purchased refill in the first month.
    • If you purchase additional service such as international calling feature, the system will automatically deduct money from your account balance if you make international calls to mobile phone (Ex: with international call to mobile phone, it costs 20 cent/min, if you call 100 mins, the system will deduct $20 in your account balance). Please check whether your account balance is enough for plan renewal or not because we are unable to refill monthly.
    • 1. Please confirm that your phone supports GSM 1900 (U.S. specification), if it does not support GSM 1900, it is not compatible to U.S. prepaid card. Please change your cellphone (you can buy a simple phone at the U.S supermarket)
    • 2. Please confirm if you phone receives the signal. If it doesn’t, please select T-Mobile signal manually.
    • 3. Set APN:
      setting->general->internet->mobile data network-> set APN as ””.
      If you are still confused about APN setting, please check the following video:
    • 4. Restart your phone after resetting the internet.

    1.If you choose plan A,B,C,1,2,3,4 (includes unlimited local calls to U.S. numbers), you can purchase international calling feature $15 then enjoy unlimited calls to Malaysia/Singapore landlines and mobile phone, extra free sending/receiving messages to/from Malaysia and Singapore.

    2. Use T-Mobile prepaid card to call to Malaysia/Singapore With DynaSky Sino (this is an international prepaid card, you can use when you call to Malaysia/Singapore with U.S. mobile phone, local phone, public telephone).

    The total fee is : U.S. local fee + DynaSky Sino fee.
    The rate of DynaSky Sino: the denomination is $10, if you call to Malaysia landlines, rate is $0.027/min and mobile phone costs $0.055/min; call to Singapore landlines/mobile costs $0.0185/min.

    How to call:
    1.Dial 1-213-992-0003 on your phone with T-Mobile prepaid card.
    2.Please select languages.
    3.Please dial DynaSky Sino number and press ”#”.
    4.Dial Malaysia/Singapore number: 011+country number+phone number+”#”.
    (ex. Call to Malaysia 011 ———-#)
    *T-Mobile is a U.S. prepaid card, making calls to Malaysia/Singapore costs $1.99/min. We do not recommend you to make international calls with T-Mobile card without DynaSky Sino or international calling feature, because it is much more expensive.

    • The condition of using 4G LTE with T-Mobile: please refer to T-Mobile 4G LTE frequency.
    • The condition of using 3G with T-mobile:(1) Your phone should support WCDMA1900(2) You should be in the 3G coverage area.

    If your destination is in areas that have signal, and your phone supports GSM1900 and WCDMA 1900, then you can enjoy T-Mobile internet feature.

    If you want to check the frequency of your phone, please check at official website or SOGWorld (Please go by official website)

    T-Mobile has not announced the coverage of WCDMA 1900 3G yet. If you want more detail, please contact T-Mobile customers services and tell them the address of your destination.

    3G code: WCDMA/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA means there is 3G. If your phone supports the 1900 frequency (the aforementioned codes mean there is 1900 frequency) you can enjoy 3G in the 3G areas.

    #Coverage check (T-Mobile):
    1.Please enter your destination and select the type of your phone and check the signal conditions. The result may show: general call, internet speed, 4G LTE signal conditions.
    2.Signal partner area: you can call, receive and send messages, but cannot surf the Web in these area (You can not use partner signal with G card).
    3.If your destination is not in the big cities, there may not be 2G or 3G available, please confirm your phone supports LTE.
    4.If the result show that ”4G LTE here requires a capable device. Check list of capable device” usually you maybe in the Band 2 and Band 12, which is just covered recently, there may have 4G LTE signal only (no 2G/3G signal), please click the link”view here” to see what frequency it is in that area.
    1.Band 2 (1900MHZ):iPhone 5s/6/6s supported.
    2.Band 12(700MHZ):iPhone 6s, Samsung S6/S7 supported



    Signal check (G card):
    If the result shows ”4G LTE here requires a capable device. Check list of capable devices”, usually you maybe in the Band2 and Band 12, which is just covered recently, there may have 4G LTE signal only (no 2G/3G signal), please click the link”view here” to see what frequency it is in that area.
    1.Band 2 (1900MHZ):iPhone 5s/6/6s supported
    2.Band 12(700MHZ):iPhone 6s, Samsung S6/S7 supported

    *If your destination is Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, please select AT&T
    *Scarcely populated areas such as Montana,West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska have few base station tower and may have LTE signal only, please enter your address of to check the signal. If the result shows there has signal, please use phones which have U.S. LTE support (ex: iPhone 6s).
    1.The coverage area shows outdoor coverage conditions. The actual data network conditions varied by terrain, shadow above the terrain, web serve speeds, number of users, destination from base station, your movement speed, and other environmental impact.
    2.The personal signal check was drawn in accordance with the setting conditions of base station. The actual signal conditions are calculated based on the local reports.
    3.If you use indoors, the connection data condition is worse than outdoors due to shielding effect and interior decorating. It maybe no signal indoors.

    The results of personal signal check is not equal the actual local signal, because CT is just an agency not a telecommunications company, we are not responsible for signal problems and there is no refund for related problems.
    If you want more details or face any problems, please hold the purchase, and contact the T-Mobile customer services.

    Purchase means you agree the statement mentioned above.

    What can I do if I bought a monthly plan 3-month package but I receive a message showing the plan will soon expire?
    The content of the message is as follow:
    ”Free T-Mobile Msg: Your T-Mobile plan payment is due in 3 days to ensure there is no break in your service. To make a payment call 611 or visit”
    Please dial #999# to confirm if your balance is enough to activate the next monthly plan after receiving the message.
    1.If the plan is almost due, no matter how much money available in the account balance, the system will send you a notification message.
    2.If there is enough balance in your account, the system will automatically deduct the amount of monthly plan and activate next month plan.
    3.If you have insufficient balance, it means parts of credit were paid for other paid service (ex: international call/text), you should top up enough money to activate the next monthly plan.

    1.The paying method of monthly plan is a prepaid method, which means you should top up enough money for the activation. If you choose monthly plan, it will deduct the same amount of plan’s price on the first day, and activate a 30 days plan. Therefore, it is normal that your account balance turns to $0.
    For example, if you buy a $50 monthly plan, the system will deduct $50 on the activation day, and there will be no balance left in the account when plan successfully activated.
    2.If you want to buy several monthly plans at once, the top up money will be wired all in the first month, and the system will automatically deduct an enough amount for a month (30 days). You can use the same monthly plan for many consecutive months.

    Please noted that if you want to use continuously for months, you can buy several refill cards and the system will deduct automatically every 30 days from the account balance. CT will top up all refill cards you purchased on the first month. If you use other paid services (Ex: international calls, making or receiving calls over time with $30/100min plan), the system will deduct money in your account balance. Please confirm the balance is enough to pay for the following month.

    MMS service center :
    MMS proxy : There is no need to set up.
    MMS port:There is no need to set up.
    MMS communications protocol :WAP 2.0
    MCC : 310
    MNC :260
    Typological evidence:There is no need to set up.
    types of APN: default, sup, mms

    Mobile phones which support 1900mHz can be used with T-Mobile network (If you want to enjoy Partner signal, your phone should support 850mHz).
    If you select monthly plan for BlackBerry, you can purchase BIS, please specify in the e-mail.
    If you want to check the high speed usage requirements of T-Mobile: please check here.

    The newest built base stations of T-Mobile utilizes 3G HSPA+ technology.
    Some mobile phones will recognize it as 4G signal. It is normal, and there is no additional charge.
    If your phone supports U.S. LTE frequency, you can fully enjoy LTE signal.

    The average speed of T-Mobile 3G can do Skype calls or Facetime (2G is not capable).

    However, due to the vast area of the U.S, signal conditions between each state are different. Watching videos or downloading heavy files will consume much more data than other use, which is not recommended.

    Once the monthly plan is activated, the system will deduct money in account balance on the first day and activate plan for the 30 following days.
    It is impossible to switch to another plan during the month by refilling more credits.
    If you want to switch to another plan, you should end the original plan and purchase a new one. To change plan, please dial 611 or contact T-Mobile customer service.

    All of the functions of monthly plan should be used within 30 days.
    The unused parts will not be retained to the next month.

    You can enjoy streaming unlimited music with T-Mobile plan A/B/C or plan 1/2/3/4.
    Below is the list of free streaming music operators:

    • AccuRadio
    • Apple Music
    • Bandcamp
    • Beatport
    • BlackPlanet Radio
    • Digitally Imported
    • Fit Radio
    • Fresca Radio
    • Google Music
    • iHeartRadio
    • iTunes Radio
    • Live365
    • Mad Genius Radio
    • MixRadio
    • Pandora
    • Radical.FM
    • Radio Paradise
    • radioPup
    • RadioTunes
    • Rdio
    • Rhapsody
    • Saavn
    • Samsung’s Milk Music
    • SiriusXM
    • Slacker
    • Songza
    • SoundCloud
    • Spotify
    • Tidal
    • Xbox Music
    • 8tracks

    Please noted:
    1.You can enjoy only it on the phone. Moreover, the sharing of hotspot will count toward your data.
    2.The music streaming service will be count when you stream pic advertisements, album art, introduction, excluding music.
    3.Excludes KKbox

    The limitation of using 4G LTE:
    1. The results of ”personal signal check” should be in the coverage of 4G LTE.
    2.The phone should meet the following requirements:

    • 1700/2100 MHz AWS (Band 4)
      This is the dominant frequency. Its coverage is up to 260 million people (Feb, 2014)
    • 1900 MHz PCs (Band 2)
      Its coverage is spreading now, it will gradually replace existing 2G 1900 base station.
    • 700 MHz (Band 12)
      B12 is on the active spreading stage. T-Mobile named 700 MHz as Extended range LTE.
      Now it is mostly used in suburbs and metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston.

    Therefore if your phone supports 1700/2100 MHz AWS (band 4), it will allow you to enjoy most parts of LTE signal of T-Mobile.
    If your phone also supports B4/B2/B12, then you can enjoy all of 4G LTE service of T-Mobile.

    Take iPhone for example:

    • iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s plus:
      Support LTE Band 4/Band 6/Band12, and allow you to enjoy all of 4G LTE service.
    • iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus (A1586/A1524 GSM):
      Support LTE band 4 and Band 2, and allow you to enjoy T-Mobile 4G LTE.
    • iPhone 5s/5c(A1529/A1530);
      Support 1900MHz PCS band 2 only. It can be used only in the Band 2 LTE. But there  is no specific coverage map on official website.
    • iPhone5 does not support any kind of the above frequencies.

    1.Setting->mobile internet->mobile internet data -> change APN as ”” (It is not a website, please enter the whole character string)
    2. If you still have a problem using internet: please check setting-> general-> reset->reset the internet setting.
    3.After resetting the internet, please go back to the 1st step and confirm the APN setting.

    T-Mobile has changed the unlimited international call plan, increased the price to $15 and added unlimited calls to 30 countries on mobile phone since June 12th. 2016.

    The T-Mobile plan from $40 can purchase additional $15 international calls and international text, which includes:
    1.Unlimited international message: Allow you to send unlimited messages to any countries, excludes St.Helene, Wallis and Fortuna.
    2.Unlimited international calls to landlines, includes the following countries:
    Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia*, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino (Italy), Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U.S. Virgin Islands, United Kingdom (UK/England), Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia

    3.Unlimited calls to mobile phone, includes the following countries:
    Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, China, Congo, (Republic, of), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, U.S., Virgin, Islands, United Kingdom, (UK/England), Venezuela

    Please note:
    1.The service is available in the U.S. only.
    2.If you purchase additional service, it costs the price of the plan+$15. If there is insufficient balance, it is impossible to activate the whole monthly plan next month.

    T-Mobile plan 2/3/4 include unlimited video streaming.
    The following music streaming service will not be charged.

    • Anime & Asian Content: Crunchyroll, DramaFever, ODK Media
    • Broadcast Networks: A&E, ABC, Discovery GO, FOX NOW, FXNOW, History, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Club, NBC, NAT GEO TV, PBS, PBS Kids, Spike, TV Land
    • Gaming:, Dailymotion Games, YouTube Gaming
    • Human Interest/News: D-PAN.TV, Dailymotion, Fox Business, Fox News, GREAT BIG STORY, Kiswe, Newsy, Red Bull TV
    • Kids & Cartoons: Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Kidoodle.TV, Nick, NOGGIN, Qkids, Radio Disney, Toon Goggles, YouTube Kids
    • Music & Concerts: Apple Music, Baeble Music, Google Play Music, Qello Concerts, Spotify, TIDAL, Vevo, YouTube Music
    • Premium Content: Amazon Video, Crackle, CuriosityStream, Direct TV, Dish Anywhere, Encore, EPIX, Fandor, FilmOn TV, FYI, Go90, Google Play Movies, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Hulu, Movieplex, Netflix, OVGuide, OWNZONES, Playstation Vue, Showtime, Showtime Anytime, Sling Box*, Sling TV*, Starz, T-Mobile TV, Tubi TV, Vessel, Viki, VUDU, YipTV, YouTube Red
    • Religion: ESNE, Ligonier Ministries, Shalom World
    • Spanish Language: Univision, Univision Deportes, Univision Noticias, Univision NOW
    • Sports:120 Sports, BTN, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports GO, fubo TV, Major League Baseball, NBC Sports, Tennis Channel Everywhere, WWE Network
    • User Generated Content: Eyegroove, Sioeye, UStream, YouTube
    • VR: Ceek VR, Netflix VR
    • Adult: MiKandi, Streamate

    Please note:
    1.Available on the origin phone only, sharing on other devices will be charged.
    2.Use in the U.S. only. This is not available in other countries.
    3.Please check on T-Mobile website for more details:

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