If you place order, it means you agree to CT’s terms and conditions (check here)

How to buy

  • step1. Choose the plan
    Choose the plan and press”Buy now”to add in the cart
  •  step2. Enter required information
    Enter the required information, such as SIM size, arrival date, IMEI number,travel reservations.
  • step3. Confirm the order
    Confirm the plan, amount, IMEI number, SIM size. etc. Then press ”Buy now”
  • step4. Enter the payment and delivery information
    Enter your address, name, phone number, and choose the payment and delivery information.
  • step5. Receive order confirmation and the goods
    You will receive order confirmation after purchasing and the goods will arrived within 3 days.

Please provide the following information when you order:

  1. First name and last name
  2. phone number
  3. address
  4. Email
  5. Arrival date
  6. Detention time
  7. The type of your SIM(Nano SIM, Micro SIM, SIM often)
  8. IMEI number (In order to check your IMEI, please dial *#06#*, learn more)

Delivery tome

Free shipping from Monday to Saturday.The delivery time ranges from 1~3 days depends on the address of the customers.(Please note: if you order over the weekend, Saturday, or Sunday, the order will be delivered on the next Monday.If you order after 17:00, it will be delivered on the next day.)

After successfully purchased, please read the instruction