Canada Fido Prepaid Card

    Canada Fido prepaid Card

    ☆Canada Fido Prepaid Card provides you with personal Canada phone number, and 4G LTE internet access at local charge.

    ☆Fido is a Canadian cellular telephone service provider owned by the biggest communications and media company – Roger. Besides, Fido has the largest GSM/WCDMA signal coverage in Canada.

    ☆The card will be activated by CT so you just need to insert it into your phone and use when arrive

    ☆Special offer from CT: Buy plan and get SIM kit for free

    ☆Free SIM card cutting service for iPhone. Note: G-card is available for mobile phone only, other devices such as tablet, iPad or Wi-Fi router are not supported

    Signal Coverage

    Fido is owned by the largest Canadian communications and media company – Rogers, which has the largest GSM/HSPA signal coverage with Rogers base stations. If your destination is not in the city, please click here to check the signal.

    Content Packages


    1.The plan remains valid only 28 days after activation.

    2.Please use it within 25 days after activation (Your arrival date should be within 25 days after activation).


    This SIM card uses Rogers signal and its network covers all the main cities of Canada.


    CT will activate the card 1 day prior to your arrival, you just need to insert it to your phone, search signal automatically or manually, then enjoy the service.

    Card’s duration is 28 days and it will be invalid after 28 days.

    Phone support

    1. Phone should support GSM 850/1900 (otherwise it can’t access the internet with 3G speed.
    2. Sim card is suitable for mobile phone only and unavailable for tablet/phablet or Wi-Fi router
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    Unlimited local calling in Canada (mobile + landlines), receive calls (including calls from abroad).

    Call to other countries

    other countries , buy international calling feature or DynaSky Sino.


    Unlimited texting (send/receive) in Canada and abroad.


    Unlimited Internet access, the first 2GB has 4G LTE high-speed (60Mbps), then speed slows down to 2G (128 kbps), support hotspot.

    In order to use high speed internet, phone should support WCDMA / HSPA 850/1900 (iPhone 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4 are supported).

    Call From Canada to Other Countries :

    Keep in touch with your family and friends back home with international calling service for just $$$! Add this feature into your cart and save high international call fee! (you can add it on the order page).

    Detail: make unlimited international call to landlines and free texting to other countries. Mobile calling rate: 0.2 USD/ minute.

    How to make international call

    Call to landlines: Dial 011+Country code+Area code+Landline number

    Call to mobile phone: Dial 011+Country code+Mobile number (minus the first zero digit)

    How to use

    CT will activate SIM card one day prior to your arrival date. After arriving in Canada, please insert the SIM card into your phone, select signal manually or automatically then enjoy the service.

    Terms and Conditions

    CT is just a distributor supporting open and activate SIM card.

    Before purchasing, please confirm that your phone is compatible with Canada SIM card (Phone should support GSM 850/1900, WCDMA / HSPA 850/1900) and your destinations are not mountainous areas or poor signal regions.

    After activation, CT will not refund if the following issues happen:

    1. The signal is poor or absent caused by the destination.
    2. Mobile phones have setting problems that impede SIM card from working properly
    3. Not satisfied with the internet speed or call quality
    4. Unable to use hotspot function (only if the SIM card supports tethering). After activation, SIM card will include all of its functions. If you cannot use hotspot, it maybe phone settings that cause sharing problem
    5. Unused money in account balance
    6. Other causes (after successful activation)
    7. If you are unable to use SIM card in Canada, please contact CT’s customer service within 48 hours.
    8. In 90 days, 1 mobile phone can be registered with 1 Canada sim only. SIM card will not be available if you buy multiple SIM cards for one device at once.

    *Refund request: please provide personal information for comparison

    *Please do not transfer SIM card to other devices

    *By placing order, you agree to the terms and conditions above.

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