• Fast 4G LTE network with unlimited internet usage
    • Applicable to use in Canada/Mexico (roaming service apply)
    • Variety durations to choose


    $$ for 10 days duration


    Unlimited calls to and from national landlines or cell phones within U.S and includes incoming international calls from select countries.

    Canada/Mexico Roaming Services

    This plan also available for data roaming in Canada and Mexico, service including: internet access and calling to USA/Canada/Mexico landlines & Mobiles

    Receive wide range signals in Canada, including signals from Rogers/Telus/Bell telecoms

    How to use

    CT will activate the SIM card one day prior to your arrival date. After arriving in the U.S, please insert the SIM card into your phone, select signal manually or automatically and enjoy immediate service.

    Extra refills will be deposited directly into your mobile phone number account.


    Unlimited internet access in USA with fast 3G or 4G LTE speed.

    (1) 4G LTE: >>T-Mobile 4G LTE band and coverage

    (2) 3G speed: Can use for hotspot share (with 3G speed, but not suitable for video streaming)

    *Access 3G speed requirements:

    (1) Mobile phone supports WCDMA 1900

    (2) See if your destination has network coverage here


    Unlimited SMS text to USA, Canada and Mexico mobile number

    Music Streaming

    Data free – streaming music will not affect on the data usage.

    Internet settings

    Most phones automatically update your network and are ready to use when inserting a new SIM card. However, some phones need to be set manually; if this is the case, please manually set your mobile network APN as epc.tmobile.com
    There is a multitude of phones in the market, so please check if your phone is compatible with U.S cellular frequencies before your trip.
    If your cell phone specifications match but you are unable to access the internet, it might be a phone setting issue, please check your phone manual and reset the internet and APN. If the problem persists, please contact your phone manufacturer for more information.
    Some phones are unable to share hotspots and Wi-Fi tethering, please conduct a self-test to ensure correct use.
    Note: As long as the T-Mobile system determines that your account has been activated correctly, there can be no refund.


    The short-term prepaid plan is a special offer from the T-Mobile. Few conditions should consider before purchasing:
    (1) Cannot extend plan durations
    (2) Cannot carried over the phone numbers and sim card numbers to other carrier
    If you are consider long-term usage, please see T-Mobile monthly prepaid plan <Plan A $$> <Plan B $$$>
    Make sure you’ve checked and agreed with terms & conditions and signal coverage before purchasing products. 

    Terms and Conditions

    CT is only an authorized distributor and reseller, helping customers by obtaining services from various telecom companies.

    Please make sure that your phone is compatible with USA SIM card signal and network coverage (Phones should support GSM 850/1900, WCDMA / HSPA 850/1900) and ensure that your destinations are not inaccessible from network coverage or have poor signal before purchase.

    After activation, CT is unable to refund under the following criteria:

    1. If the network coverage is poor or absent due to the destination.
    2. If the mobile phone has settings issues that impede the SIM card from working properly or rendering part of its services.
    3. If you are not satisfied with the internet speed or call quality.
    4. If you are unable to use the hotspot function (Once activated, the plan includes all of the services that are included in the plan. If you cannot use part of the service, for example; hotspot or Wi-Fi tethering, that means that there is an issue with your phone setting.
    5. If you have unused value in your account balance.
    6. If you experience other causes after successful activation of your SIM card that are unrelated to CT services.
    7. If you are unable to use your SIM card in the U.S, please contact CT’s customer service within 48 hours.

    *Please do not transfer SIM card to other devices.

    *By placing your order, you agree to the terms and conditions set above.

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