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    Giá ưu đãi 1.080.000 VNĐ

    USA 12GB 28Days plan for G card

    ☆Use T-Mobile signal with 96% U.S. voice and data coverage

    ☆Duration is 28 days. G-card includes unlimited talk/text within the U.S and unlimited Internet access with 12GB 3G data. Specially, you can always use Facebook with high speed and share Wi-Fi hotspot with your friends

    ☆Special offer from CT: Buy plan and get SIM kit for free

    ☆Free SIM card cutting service for iPhone. Note: G-card is available for mobile phone only, other devices such as tablet, iPad or Wi-Fi router are not supported

    Plan description

    US dollar depreciation On sale in limited time only!

    Unlimited talk/text in the U.S (including Hawaii) and unlimited internet access with the first 12GB at 3G speed (speed then slows down to 2G until the last day). Plan is available in 28 days.


    About G Card

    G Card is suitable for short stay

    Special price plan: buy plan get SIM kit for free (without activation fee and any additional cost). You just need to pay $xx for the whole plan + SIM kit

    Limited supply: you can only buy one card for one phone.

    Note: the internet speed of G card is a little slower than the original T-Mobile SIM card (particularly in densely populated areas. Using this card in New York, San Francisco is not recommended). If you want to experience high quality internet with 4G LTE speed, please check T-Mobile Prepaid Card Plan.



    1.The plan remains valid only 28 days after activation

    2.G Card should be enable within 50 days (meanwhile, arrival date in U.S. should be within 50 days after your purchase).



    G Card uses T-Mobile signal. Its network covers all over the main cities in the U.S., including Hawaii.

    Please input your destination and check coverage before placing order (if your destination is Alaska, please choose U.S. N Card). check the signal


    How to use

    CT will activate the card, product’s duration is 28 days counting from the arrival day. After that, your card will be no longer available (if you stay longer than 28 days, please check T-Mobile Prepaid Card).  This plan is valid for 28 days, after that, SIM card will be invalid. Upon arrival, insert the SIM card into your phone, select signal manually or automatically then enjoy calls and internet.


    Phone support

    1. Phone supports GSM 1900 (otherwise it can’t access the internet with 3G speed) read more
    2. Sim card is suitable for mobile phone only and unavailable for tablet/phablet or Wifi router
    Read more



    Unlimited data access in the U.S with up to 12 GB 3G data (after 12 GB speed slows down to 2G).

    Special offers from this plan: you can always use Facebook with high speed without deducting data from 12GB high speed. Plus, you can also share Wi-Fi hotspot with your friends.

    Terms and Conditions of using 3G speed:

    (1) Phone should support WCDMA/HSPA 1900 (available for iPhone 6s/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4)

    (2) Can be used in the following locations:

    -G Card does not support 4G LTE (If you want to use LTE please check T-Mobile Plan)

    -The internet speed of G Card is a little slower than T-Mobile (Particularly in densely populated districts, ex: Universal Studios, Disney Land.  Using in New York, San Francisco are not recommended). If you want to experience high speed internet 4G LTE, please check T-Mobile Prepaid Card Plan.



    Unlimited text in the U.S (sending and receiving). Plus, free receiving international messages.



    Unlimited calling and receiving calls in the U.S (mobile and landlines). Free receiving international calls (includes calls from Malaysia/Singapore). If you want to call to Malaysia, Singapore, please purchase additional international calling feature.


    Call from US to Malaysia, Singapore, or other countries

    How to make international call:

    Keep in touch with your family and friends back home with international calling service for just $$$! Add this feature into your cart and save high international call fee! (you can add it on the order page).

    International calling feature details:

    Unlimited call/text to Malaysia/Singapore landlines.

    Calls to XXX

    Please confirm and agree  訊號查詢 and 使用/儲值說明.

    How to use and deposit

    CT will set up your G card according to your plan and arrival date. The deposit amount will directly deposit in your phone number. Upon arrival, insert the SIM card into your phone, select signal manually or automatically and enjoy calls and Web.


    Setting Internet

    Most of phone is able to call and surf the Web after inserting SIM card, but some should set the mobile APN: multibrand (see how to set APN )

    The market is flooded with too many types  of phone that CT can’t check each one, please confirm whether your phone specification is available or not before purchase.

    If the specification is available but able to surf the Web, please check Why phone is unable to surf the Web .If you still have problem, please ask the factory.

    Some phone throttle app may  disturb hotspot sharing, please check it by yourself. See more information:手機上網/設點分享設定
    Notes: If the system has confirm that the account is  activated,  the card is refundable.


    Consideration of others

    CT is the G card agent but not the telecommunications company.We offer phone number activating service and setting plan.

    The usage of account, the debit problem, and changing plan, please ask your telecommunication company.

    US is a big country, please check local signal ,your destination and G card is available for your phone before purchase.

    If the following situation arises after G card is confirmed activation, will not refund :
    1.The signal of destination is weak or unacceptable.
    2.Out of use caused by personal setting.
    3.Dissatisfied with internet speed/ call quality
    4.Unable to use the hotspot sharing services( if the package includes sharing , after the package is activated the entire contents of the package will be valid. If it can not be used is caused by setting problem)
    5. have leftover money
    6. Unable to use caused by other problem ( after successful activation )
    7. If you are unable to use G card after landing in US within 48 hours, please contact CT. Request for refunding without contact is unacceptable.
    8.A phone is available for one G card within half a year, if you buy more G card simultaneously it will be unavailable.

    *If you want to search your order, please provide your personal information and order number as a check.
    *Non-transferable card
    *G card plan and the information of use go by official website GoSmart. All information is subject to change without prior notice
    *Purchase means you agree all of the describes and rules of our Website.



    G card ,not as T-mobile card, is unable to deposit.

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