CT is just a distributor, not the telecommunications company. We only offer activation and setting plan services (The price in CT=the price of plan/deposit money+the purchasing fee)
    If you want to check account status, solve debit problem, or switch plan, please ask the original telecommunications company.
    Since the U.S. is a big country, please check local signal of your destinations and phone compatibility before purchasing.

    There will be no refund if the following situations happen after SIM activation:
    1.The signal is poor or absent caused by the destination.
    2.Out of use caused by personal setting.
    3.Dissatisfied with internet speed/ call quality.
    4.Unused money in account balance
    5.Other causes (after successful activation)
    6. If you are unable to use the SIM after landing in the US within 48 hours, please contact CT. Request for refunding without contact is unacceptable.
    8.One phone is available for one G card within half a year, if you buy more G card simultaneously it will be unavailable.

    The plan and instruction for use follow the official website of T-Mobile, there is no further notice if there is any change on the official website.

    *If you want to search your order, please provide your personal information and order number to check.
    *Non-transferable card.If you want to change your phone please contact T-Mobile to change IMEI.
    *Purchase means you agree to CT’s terms and conditions above.

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