How to refill

You can buy a refill card at the U.S supermarket such as Wal-Mart, Target… or buy a refill card at T-Mobile retail stores (state taxes may be required). Please note: T-Mobile official site may not suitable for your mobile phone.

 Instruction for use

CT will activate your SIM according to your plan and arrival date. The deposit amount will be directly wired in your phone number.
Upon arrival, swap the SIM, select signal manually or automatically, and enjoy the services.

 Set the Internet

Most of mobile phones are able to call and surf the Web after inserting SIM, but some need APN set manually: (see how to set APN )
The market is flooded with too many types  of phone that CT can’t check each type, please confirm whether your phone specification support it or not before the purchase.
If your mobile phone is compatible but unable to surf the Web, please check Why phone is unable to surf the Web .If you still have problem, please ask the manufactor for more details.
Some mobile phone throttle app may disturb hotspot sharing, please check it by yourself. See more information:手機上網/設點分享設定
Please note: If the account is activated and confirmed by the system, there is no refund.

How to check account balance and switch the plan

Please directly dial the 611

(The monthly plan will automatically become per minutes calculation plan over 60 unused days). Please check the plan of internet and method of use, if you confirm it means you agree to CT’s terms and conditions. 

How to check T-Mobile coverage & band support

Go to T-Mobile Personal Coverage Check

To see if a location has 3G, 4G or 4G LTE coverage and check its signal strength, enter the correct address in the “My Space” section, or zoom into the location and then click on the map market.

Follow below steps:

  1. Enter the location/address of the area you are going & select the device’s brand name and model which you are using.
    1. Regular result should show:
      1. Signal level (Fair/Good/Excellent)
      2. 4G LTE signal status
  2. If the area doesn’t provide 4G LTE, 2G or 3G signal, please check whether your device supports the LTE network
  3. When the result shows “4G LTE here requires a capable device, Check list of capable devices”, this usually means:
    1. Location just install 4G LTE with Band 2 & Band 12, no 2G or 3G signal.
    2. Click on “View here” to see which Band use in the location
      1. Band 2 (1900MHz): iPhone 5S/6/6S/7 device support
      2. Band 12 (700MHz): iPhone 6S/7 and Samsung S6/S7 device support