Vui hè cực nhắng, giảm ngay sim trắng T-Mobile nay còn 199k (Số lượng có hạn) xem chi tiết
  • The SIM you receive is a SIM kit without number, phone number will be randomly chosen by the system when activate (It is impossible to choose the number).
  • After sending SIM card, CT will sequentially inform the factory to activate the SIM according to your plan and notify you by e-mail. Usually we will e-mail you the phone number one day prior to your arrival.
  • U.S. prepaid card is available for mobile phone only, it is unavailable for iPad, tablet, even if they are callable.
  • It is unable to use U.S. prepaid card even though your tablet supports GSM1900 and WCDMA1900.
  • T-mobile prepaid card is an entity U.S. SIM, there is a number to match it.
  • You can insert the card into your triple band phone and enjoy incoming/outgoing calls.
  • It is much cheaper  than roaming with Malaysia/Singapore phone ($/min) .
  • 擎天中華通 is an international prepaid card (a set of password) for saving the fee of calling from U.S. landline/mobile. You can make calls after follow the operating procedures but can not receive calls.
    If you just want to make calls to Malaysia/Singapore, 擎天中華通 is suitable for you.
    please check How to make calls to Malaysia/Singapore
  • The coverage of T-mobile prepaid card is larger than AT&T, it is suitable for long-destination traveler and whose destination are in remote area (ex.Alaska).
  • If your destinations are in big cities, AT&T is suitable for you, it is cheaper than T-Mobile.
  • Recently T-Mobile has increase its coverage. Its signal in some areas is stronger than AT&T
  • Please check the signal of your destinations on the coverage map of T-mobile/AT&T.
  • If you want to share hotspot with friends, please take T-mobile prepaid card for reference
  • It will be invalid after 28 days. If you want to use over one month, please take T-Mobile prepaid card for reference.
  • This card should be activated within 25 days after purchase (It means your arrival date should be within 25 days).
  • 1 phone can only use 1 U card, it is impossible to use more than one U card within half a year. If you want to use more than one month, please check  T-Mobile prepaid card

1.setting->mobile internet->mobile data network->input ”multibrand” in APN column (If there is a personal hotspot APN on the same page, please input ”multibrand” too).

2.If you are still unable to use the Internet, check: setting->normal->reset->reset the internet setting
3.After resetting the internet, please go back to step 1 and confirm the APN setting.

1.setting->mobile internet->mobile data network->input ”multibrand” in APN column (If there is a personal hotspot APN on the same page, please input ”multibrand” too).

If you lose your SIM kit and your plan is still valid, please go to the local stores for reissuing.
Please contact us before reissuing, we will offer you the related information such as order number to reissue.

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